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Almost there…

Almost there...
Reception Room

Reception Room

So things are coming together quickly! We got the reception room furniture delivered.  It was put together by handymen Dr. Gardner and Dr. Curtis – thanks guys! Got some art on the walls.  Going for a soothing, calm, forest look.  Medical supplies and equipment have come as well so we can actually do some doctoring.

The play area gets full kid approval from Bexton, nurse Megan’s 3 year old son.  She even brought more books for our collection – thanks Megan and Bexton!

Kid Tested. Kid Approved.

Kid Tested. Kid Approved.

Our glorious new copier.

Our glorious new copier.

We had the important in-service training for our new copier/fax/scanner.  So in love with this machine…its so fast, quiet and intuitive!  You can email right from the machine – wow!!!

We have also completed team Family First!  We welcomed familiar faces Betty, Juanita, Megan and Tasha, and new faces, Maria and Fran at our first get together at the office.  Cheers!! Here’s to a great start and many more get togethers in the future! Now we are set to open on September 8th!!!  Hope to see you soon!

Meet the Family First Team!

Meet the Family First Team!

  1. YIPPEE!

  2. Excited to have my first visit in the new office next week!

    I just wanted to let you know that the link to the practice website from the home page of your patient portal is not correct. It directs to instead of ffpc.

    See you soon!


  3. So happy to see things are moving along so quickly and nicely! I am thrilled that Dr. Gardner and his partners are now starting their own independent private practice. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Also, if I need to do anything to get my records over from Rex to your new practice!



  4. I wish you guys all the best, furniture looks great!

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