What is a Wellness Exam or “Physical”?

A wellness exam, or what used to be called a “physical,” is an annual visit that helps your doctor determine the general status of your health. During this exam your doctor will: Perform a detailed age/gender appropriate physical examination and measurement of your current height, weight, BMI,

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Almost there…

Reception Room So things are coming together quickly! We got the reception room furniture delivered.  It was put together by handymen Dr. Gardner and Dr. Curtis - thanks guys! Got some art on the walls.  Going for a soothing, calm, forest look.  Medical supplies and equipment have come as well soRead more

Reinforcements arrive!

Construction is complete, and we are nearing the final stretch.  Thanks to all the volunteers who have pitched in as we make our last preparations before opening!  

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Building Progress

Family First Primary Care: Our new awning!

Our building is starting to look like a real doctor’s office now. We’ve got sinks installed, cabinets up, carpet down, and walls painted!    

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Welcome To Family First Primary Care!

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We are a new practice based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and we are very excited to be opening soon. Our goals are to spend more time listening to and getting to know

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