Construction is complete, and we are nearing the final stretch.  Thanks to all the volunteers who have pitched in as we make our last preparations before opening!

Family First Primary Care: Barbara Howard breaks down boxes

Barbara Howard (Dr. Tang’s mother-in-law) breaks down boxes.

Family First Primary Care: Jerry Howard hangs a clock.

Dr. Tang’s father-in-law, Jerry Howard, hangs one of the clocks.

Family First Primary Care: Carrie and Connie Tang

Dr. Tang’s parents, Cary and Connie Tang, assemble some more furniture.

Sandy Tang at Family First Primary Care

Sandy Tang-Howard, tired after a full day’s work.

Family First Primary Care artwork

Brian and Jerry (Dr. Tang’s husband and father-in-law) assemble some large artwork.

Dr. Rob Gardner at Family First Primary Care assembles some furniture

Dr. Rob Gardner assembles some furniture.

Family First Primary Care: children's play area and new television.

Children’s play area and new television.

Desks for 3 docs in a row.

Desks for 3 docs in a row.


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  1. Dr. Tang,

    Wow! So exciting to see the caring involvement of the extended families in the preparation of your new office. I am excited to see the finished project soon. Thank you for sharing the progress made.

    Cathy Lawrence