Cheers to a great day, a year in the making!
The FFPC Team

The FFPC Team

We had our “soft opening” on Friday, September 4th!!!  Thank you to all the lovely patients that came and were so understanding of our slight hiccups on day one!  We appreciate it more than you could know! Overall it went off great with just some minor hitches. Definitely a successful day with smiles still on our faces at the end of the day!


Flowers from our trusted advisor

Flowers from our trusted advisor.

Beautiful flower arrangement given to us by our trusted advisor. Gives the waiting room a much needed splash of color.  Thanks for everything, Janet!
Megan displays the Family First logo on her scrub top, personally embroidered by Dr. Tang, aka BossyKraftyAsianChick 🙂

Next  up…the big opening on September 8th!!!!  Stay tuned!

Megan is wearing FFPC

Megan is wearing FFPC


  1. I’m so happy you are still around here Dr. Tang!! And I see Betty in the pictures! You both make a great team!

  2. Congratulations, Dr. Tang & Team! Chelsea and I can’t wait to see the new office. Good luck!

  3. Dr. Gardner, glad you have settled in your new office. I will continue to visit your office. Also glad to see your nurse moved with you.

  4. Hate I missed the “Soft Opening”! However, I am elated that you are all still working together in Wake Forest! I have heard great things about all doctors but I personally can share that Dr Gardner has been awesome and I look forward to being a patient at your beautiful new office -Family First Primary Care ! I am glad Juanita your nurse is still with you too! Great staff and I highly and often recommend you to anyone looking for a primary physician that has great respect for all of his patients ! Very friendly staff ! Congrats on your new office and getting settle in!
    I’ll be at the next “Soft Opening” for the toast ! Just kidding as I had to tease you !
    Great first visit and look forward to working with all of you as needed! Blessings to this practice and staff !

  5. Dr. Curtis, we are excited to follow you to your newest venture. Thank you so much for providing us with such excellent care over the years. Looking forward to seeing the new office!